Day: November 8, 2014

What Will Happen to Aasia Bibi?

Huff Post: On October 23, 2014, Aasia Bibi — the most prominent blasphemy case death-sentence prisoner in the history of one of Pakistan’s most controversial laws — had her appeal for retraction of her punishment met with rejection at the Lahore High Court. Her lawyers will move the appeal to […]

Misdeeds give an image of Islam that is terrible

Source: ET Deceased Shama’s father with her three children. PHOTO: SHAFIQ MALIK/EXPRESS ROME: A top Vatican official has described the lynching of a Christian couple in Pakistan as a humiliation for all of humanity. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the chair of the Roman Catholic church’s council for interfaith dialogue, said he had […]

Our way or get out

Source: ET The mystery surrounding the case of the 12-year-old Hindu girl in Daharki once again underscores the issue of forced conversions in Pakistan, particularly for Hindus living in Sindh. The world has a long history of religious communities impinging upon each other’s free will, but most civilised countries today […]

40 golden lessons

Source: Hafiz Anwar Rasool ———————- 01. Refrain from sleeping between fajr and Ishraq, Asr and Maghrib, Maghrib and Isha. ———————- 02. Avoid sitting with smelly people. i.e (onion) ———————- 03. Do not sleep between people who talk bad before sleeping. ———————- 04. Don’t eat and drink with your left hand. […]

The rise of unreason

DAWN.COM The rise of unreason Pervez Hoodbhoy Updated about 14 hours ago Some 300 years ago the age of reason lifted Europe from darkness, ushering in modern science together with modern scientific attitudes. These soon spread across the world. But now, running hot on its heels is the age of […]

Intifada in the making

Summary In dealing with the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has systematically pursued a “two-track” strategy, which can be summed up as settlements and war. Israeli authorities are certainly aware that a group of religious extremists is doing everything it can to expand Israeli access to the Muslim […]