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Source: ET

The mystery surrounding the case of the 12-year-old Hindu girl in Daharki once again underscores the issue of forced conversions in Pakistan, particularly for Hindus living in Sindh. The world has a long history of religious communities impinging upon each other’s free will, but most civilised countries today have managed to get past such attitudes. However, minority communities in Pakistan still continue to grapple with this serious problem. Whether the 12-year-old girl converted of her own will or was coerced into changing her religion is for the courts to decide; however, it is extremely difficult to believe that a person of such a young age made such an important life decision without any coercion whatsoever. Not only that, it is curious that the official who allegedly helped her convert deemed her adult enough to have eloped with a Muslim boy. As forced conversions have been common in Pakistan for a long time now, the details of the case need to be explored and any wrongdoing committed must be corrected.

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  1. Almost now a routine. No one is moved or interested in such attrocities. Nation seems to be dead and deaf.

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