Day: November 19, 2014

Takfirization of Pakistan

By Liaquat Ali Khan, Founder, Legal Scholar Academy and Professor of Law Huff Post: Small-minded versions of Islam have fanaticized Pakistan – an antediluvian land with deep interfaith roots leavened with the teachings of Hindu Swamis, Buddhist Monks, Sikh Gurus, and Muslim Sufis – into a ghastly country. Stories are […]

Do Politicians Love Kids?

NY Times: We Americans love children. Indeed, we love them so much that, on average, child care workers earn almost as much per hour ($10.33) as workers who care for animals ($10.82), according to a new studyfrom the University of California, Berkeley. We love them so much that only 38 percent of […]

Less is more

Global Times: by Xie Wenting —  Swamped by consumerism, young turn away from possessions Wang Zhe poses in front of his wardrobe, which only has about 30 items of clothing to meet all of his needs. Photo: Courtesy of Wang Zhe Wang Zhe sat in front of his wardrobe, trying […]