‘The Truth Message’ by Salma Javid Khan

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A’uzo Billah-e-Minash Shaitan Nir Rajeem, Bismillah Hir Rahman NirRaheem

The Truth Message

Collected & Composed


Salma Javid Khan

I. The Truth Message – Part 1: True Story of Jesus, the Messiah

  1. Jesus, the Son of Mary, is dead
    (Proved from Bible, evidences from History  & supported by Science)
  2. Corruptions in the Concepts of ‘current’ Christianity
    1. Atonement & Trinity proved wrong
    2. Monotheistic philosophy of Jesus to Trinitarian Philosophy of Paul
    3. Jesus said: God is One
    4. Christianity – A journey from facts to fiction
    5. Truth about Easter, Sunrise Services, Dyed Eggs & Santa Claus
  3. The True Story of Prophet Jesus, the Messiah
    (the Son of Mary, the Good Shepherd – Peace be upon him)

II. The Truth Message – Part 2: Allah & His Prophets

  1. Who/What/Where is God?
  2. Relation between God, His Messengers & Man
  3. Stories of past prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Adam (as) & Noah (as)
  4. Stories of past prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Ibrahim / Abraham (pbuh)
  5. Stories of past prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Lot (as)
  6. Stories of past prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Moses (pbuh) / Musa (as)
  7. Stories of past prophets – Shree Krishna (as)
  8. Story of a Saint – Guru Baba Nanak (pbuh)
  9. Other Prophets from different world religions / faiths

III. The Truth Message – Part 3: The Story of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

  1. An Introduction to Prophet Muhammad (saw)
  2. Muhammad in prophecies of Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Vedas, etc.
  3. Arabia At The Time Of The Prophet’s (Saw) Birth
  4. A Glimpse into the Family Life of Prophet Muhammad (saw)
  5. Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s First Call to Prophethood
  6. Prophet Muhammad (saw) Calling people to God
  7. Persecution of Early Muslims
  8. The Religion of Prophet Muhammad (saw) – Islam
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    Warning! Allah / Islam / Quran on Idol Worshippers
  9. The Book of Prophet Muhammad (saw) – The Holy Qur’an
    [Click to Read Qur’an in 70 languages / translations]
    [Download Islamic Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows, etc.]
    Learn the Islamic form of worship: Salat / Namaz
  10. Status of Women in Islam
    [as per Allah (in Qur’an) & Prophet Muhammad (saw)]
  11. Islam & Jihad
  12. Fateh Makkah & Triumph of Islam
  13. Letters of Prophet Muhammad (saw) to Chiefs, Kings & Rulers
  14. Miracles of the Holy Prophet Mohammad & others – A Comparison
  15. The Character & Personality of Prophet Muhammad (saw)
  16. Mohammad (saw) Prophesized re-advent (second coming) of Jesus

 Mistakes & Misunderstandings of Muslims

  1. Wafat-e-Maseeh Isa ibn Maryam
    (Proved from Quran-e-Majeed & Hadees-e-Nabwi (saw))
  2. The Mistakes & Misunderstandings of Muslims
  3. Tomb Worshipers (Murda-Parast)
  4. Status of Women in Islam today (thru the Mullah-God)
  5. Islam & Jihad
  6. 9/11 – The Case, The Problem and, The Solution
  7. Qur’an says: Apostasy is Not Punishable In Islam
  8. Do Muslims need a Messiah / reformer?
  9. Orthodox Muslims’s view/expectations from the returning Messiah Jesus
  10. Continuation of Prophethood promised in the Holy Quran & Hadees-e-Nabwi (saw) & Khatam-e-Nabuwwat

IV. World Today

  1. Is it the time for Revival of Religions again?
  2. Concept of Veil in Hinduism, Christianity & Islam
  3. Similarities in all Divine Religions

V. The Promised Messiah

  1. Prophecies about The Promised Messiah & The Mahdi of Muslims
  2. Prophecies about The Promised Messiah in other religions
  3. A Conclusion to the Prophecies about The Promised Messiah
  4. The Messiah Has Come!
  5. I am a Prophet and a Messenger—His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)
  6. Prophet Ahmad (as) accepted Prophet Mohammad (saw) as Khataman Nabiyyeen
    Books of the Promised Messiah [Read Online or Download PDF or listen MP3]
  7. Khilafat-ala-Minhaj-e-Nabuwwat in past & Ahmadiyyat
    (Successorship to Prophethood)
    Books of Khulfa-e-Ahmadiyyat
    [Read Online or Download PDF or listen the MP3]
    Khutba-e-Jumah [Friday Sermon] by the Khalifatul Maseeh
    (Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community)

  8. Conditions of Baiat [The Oath of Allegiance]
    (to accept Islam Ahmadiyyat)
  9. Resemblance of Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya with  Jama’at-e-Muhammadiyya
  10. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – People of the Promised Prophet
  11. Ahmadi Muslims accept Prophet Mohammad (saw) as Khataman Nabiyyeen
  12. Islam Ahmadiyyat & Jihad
  13. Prophets & their Persecution… RELIGION DRIPS WITH BLOOD

VI. A Message of Peace with a World of Warning

  1. Warning to world of faiths from the Promised Messiah of all World Religions
  2. Invitation to Join Islam Ahmadiyyat – Community of the Promised Messiah
  3. Islam Ahmadiyyat – The Final Religion for this Planet

VII. An End with Prayers

  1. Sin & Salvation
  2. My thoughts
  3. I have A hope A wish A dream: That’s the scene of world at peace

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I. Death of the Messiah Jesus, Son of Mary

II. The Truth Message – Part 2: Allah & His Prophets

III. The Truth Message – Part 3: The Story of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Mistakes & Misunderstandings of Muslims

V. The Truth Message – Part 5.4: The Promised Messiah

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