Day: July 3, 2014

No peace in Palestine in 2014: As violence escalates, the hope for peace between Palestinians and Israelis in 2014 has disappeared

Daoud Kuttab Daoud Kuttab, an award-winning Palestinian journalist, is a former Ferris professor of Journalism at Princeton University Even though the United Nations has declared 2014 as the year of solidarity with the Palestinian people, there are indications that this year will not bring the peace that Palestinians and Israelis […]

The Middle East: The tragedy of the Arabs : A civilisation that used to lead the world is in ruins—and only the locals can rebuild it

A THOUSAND years ago, the great cities of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo took turns to race ahead of the Western world. Islam and innovation were twins. The various Arab caliphates were dynamic superpowers—beacons of learning, tolerance and trade. Yet today the Arabs are in a wretched state. Even as Asia, […]