Day: July 22, 2014

Queen’s horse Estimate fails drugs test

Source: CNN (CNN) — Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II cheered Estimate on to success at the Gold Cup in 2013 but now her her five-year old filly is in the dock. Buckingham Palace confirmed to CNN Tuesday Estimate had tested positive for banned substance morphine. The Monarch was present at Ascot […]

Battle of Badr happened in Ramadan

Ramadan is more than a month of ibadah with history showing the first generation of Muslims achieved great victories during this blessed month. All civilizations have seminal events that echo throughout the ages and are celebrated and remembered on anniversaries. The two World Wars are remembered regularly in Europe, it […]

Arab world ostriches

Summary The Palestinian issue has long been called the central issue in the Arab world, but the relative lack of popular anger amid the ongoing Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip should serve as a wake-up call. Thanks to technological developments, people today are interconnected as never before – but […]

Jon Stewart Learns What Happens When You Talk About Israel

Huff Post: by Ed Mazza — Many have accused Jon Stewart of being pro-Hamas for expressing sympathy for the residents of Gaza, where more than 500 people have been killed — including at least 100 children — in recent fighting with Israel. So on Monday night’s “Daily Show,” just about the entire roster of […]