Day: July 6, 2014

Catholic Encyclical on Modernism

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s comments: For a genuine understanding of Separation of Mosque-Church and State, let me suggest the reading of paragraph numbered 55, in this Papal publication from 1907.  How glaringly wrong it was in terms of response to modernity and freedom of speech?  This reading should be particularly efficacious […]

The making of a third intifada emerge

Occupied Jerusalem: Like many residents of the prosperous Occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Shuafat, Waleed Abu Khudair lives a life in two cultures: His neighbours are predominantly Palestinian, but his boss and customers at a popular West Jerusalem bakery are Jewish. It’s a dualism that has worked for years. But […]

Bishop Matar calls for inter-Islamic dialogue

The Daily Star BEIRUT: Maronite Bishop of Beirut Boulos Matar called Sunday for dialogue between different Muslim religious groups to end the “purposeless” struggle, stressing that Lebanon was the best example of religious coexistence. “[We] need an Islamic-Islamic dialogue to save the Eastern people from all the wars that threaten […]