OIC to send additional relief missions to CAR

Published — Saturday 31 May 2014

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will mobilize more humanitarian organizations to join the humanitarian alliance and also prepare an integrated program of humanitarian intervention to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the crisis in Central Africa.

The humanitarian mission, which implemented the decision of the OIC Executive Committee emergency ministerial meeting held on Feb. 20 at the headquarters of the General Secretariat in Jeddah, concluded its fact-finding mission to the Central African Republic, Chad and Cameroon on the situation of displaced persons and refugees on Tuesday, where it visited Muslim refugees who are in the northern regions of Cameroon and adjacent to the southern border of the Central African Republic.
The high-level delegation was sent to assess the dangerous situation prevailing on the ground and to show solidarity with the Muslim community who are victims of violence and serious human rights violations. The meeting had also decided to appoint a special envoy to the Central African Republic and the secretary general appointed the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Senegal Cheikh Tidiane Gadio as his special envoy, who in turn made several visits to the Central African Republic and neighboring countries.

The members of the mission visited some refugee camps in northern Cameroon, and discussed with officials the situation in the camps and the urgent needs marked by the lack of food, drinking water, tents and shelters.

Muslim refugees in Cameroon who fled the violence and bloody conflict in the Central African Republic complained of the large number of snakes and mosquitoes, and the diseases killing their children. There are in Cameroon alone, some 150,000 refugees sheltered in a dozen main camps and other camps scattered along the border with the Central African Republic.

The OIC humanitarian alliance has held consultations with officials in the countries concerned with the crisis to discuss ways to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the displaced persons and affected refugees. The mission also made field trips to the camps for displaced people and refugees in the concerned countries during its week-long mission.

The OIC high-level ministerial delegation went to the Central African Republic which is an observer member of the OIC, at the end of April in a solidarity and assessment visit.


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