Bangladeshi, Egyptian Islamists Facing Doom, Pakistani Islamists Bloom

VoA: Two populous Muslim nations, geographically far apart, did one thing in common, perhaps coincidently, and it was to rein in Islamic groups recently. General Abdel  Fatah el-Sisi took on the powerful Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the government of Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Haseena banned the Jamate Islami party and Bangladeshi courts sentenced some members of the groups to death for war crimes.

While the Egyptian and Bangladeshi groups suffered setbacks, Pakistani ideological affiliate, Jamate Islami, and other Islamic groups continue to gain support and influence both from sections of the society and reportedly from state elements. Pakistani Jamate Islami is a key member of the political coalition ruling the country’s northwestern Khyber Pakhutunkhwa province.

The first round of Egypt’s presidential elections is scheduled for May 26 and 27 and only two candidates are in the field – leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi and former Abdel  Fatah el-Sisi, the man who is widely expected to win. General el-Sisi in a recent television interview has made it clear that if he comes to power, “the Brotherhood has no future in Egypt”.  For many it will not be surprising if el-Sisi wins but how far he can be successful to get rid of the grassroots Islamist political entity, is a question that remains to be answered. Like the Jamate Islami in Pakistan, the Brotherhood has affiliates around the Muslim world. How will the Pakistani Jamate or similar groups in other Islamic countries react, is another question surrounding el-Sisi’s expected presidency.

Parallels Between Pakistan’s JI and Egypt’s Brotherhood:

The brotherhood gave birth to Al-Qaeda and Jamate Islami supported it throughout its violent history. Pakistan’s Jamate Islami, like the Egypt’s Brotherhood, aspires for both domestic and international Muslim causes. The Jamate Islami maintains close contacts with the Brotherhood and considers it an organization from which it can learn. The leadership of both the parties met at the Brotherhood’s headquarters in June 2012 after Morsi won elections and join hands to promote the image of Islam.


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  1. TO MODERATORS; I implore you please do not delete and censor my writing; let us promote the freedom of speech as Ahmadiyah are struggling till now.
    From my view, definition of extremist Muslim is that their goal is to impose the law of Allah to all citizen, and the source of laws is Al Quran.
    What wrong is it? We know that Al Quran is guidance from Allah, and people have to follows His laws.
    According to their interpretation are;
    1. They impose Allah’s laws to other Muslim,some time to non Muslim.
    Whereas Allah and Prophet said that there is no compulsion in Al Quran.refer to QS 2;265, QS 90:10
    They are wrong and misguide people.
    2 They treat those who do not follow their belief unfairly. They disband those groups who does not follow them.
    Whereas Allah and Prophet command the ruler to treat all people fairly and kindly regardless his race, tribe, religion, and gender.
    They are wrong and misguide people.
    3.They follow idols instead of Allah alone.Idols incite violence, kill innocent people,like infidel, apostasy, Blasphemy, Gay-Lesbian, and Heresy.
    Whereas Allah and Prophet command people do not kill innocent people.
    They are wrong and misguide people.
    So those who follows extremist Muslim will be misguided and go astray…and then bring on you disgrace and disaster.

    All love

  2. TO MODERATORS; I implore you please do not delete and censor my writing; let us promote the freedom of speech as Ahmadiyah are struggling till now
    Allah will punish Extremist Muslim who do violence and misguide people as Allah warn/
    .The Lord said, “If you will not obey my commands, you will be punished. If you refuse to obey my laws and commands and break the covenant I have with you, I will punish you. I will bring disaster on you—(Leviticus.26.14-17).
    Extremist Muslims are violent people. Allah warn them as follow;
    Violent people (Evil) deceive their friend and lead them to disaster. Proverb
    Violent people (Evil) talk badly or cruelly , but a god man talk kindly or nicely. Proverb
    Violent people *Evil) look for ways to harm other; event their word burn with evil. Proverb.
    Allah has already proved what Allah warned to His people.
    Look at from; Ayyub Qutb–Osma Bin laden–Morsi–Muslim Brotherhood—Taliban—Al Qaida–ISLI–Chen-chen–Kashmir—Moro—all Muslim rebels have been punished in this world, then Allah will punish at Hereafter severely.
    I urge Extremist Muslim to repent to Allah, Allah is forgiveness and may Allah will bless you later.
    Ask forgiveness from your Lord; for He is Oft-Forgiving; (10) “`He will send rain to you in abundance; (11) “`Give you increase in wealth and sons; and bestow on you Gardens and bestow on you rivers (of flowing water). (12) QS 71;10-12,
    For You from My Heart.
    All those who read shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; O Allah,
    be my witness, that I have conveyed your message to your people.
    With love

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