Bosnia Floods Claim Lives, Force Thousands From Homes

Source: Balkan Insight:

The death toll from the floods in Bosnia continues to rise as several towns remain under water following the torrential rain of the past few days.

Photo AP/ Amel Emric

So far 14 bodies had been recovered in Doboj, northern Bosnia, as flood waters receded. Three other deaths were reported in Maglaj and Samac.

Earlier, a man reportedly drowned in Sanski Most, northwest Bosnia, on Friday. In Bijeljina, northeast Bosnia, a man died when his house partly collapsed due to floods and landslides.

Another woman died in her home during a landslide in Cerska, near Vlasenica, eastern Bosnia. Another victim, a pensioner, reportedly died of a heart attack on Thursday when he rushed to save his livestock near Bratunac, eastern Bosnia.

Photo AP/ Amel Emric

Thousands got evacuated either to towns which were not hit by the floods such as Zenica or moved to neighbors on upper floors as many apartments in Maglaj, Doboj, Olovo, Zivinice, Samac and elsewhere got flooded.


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