Uproar over Geo programme turns into full-blown controversy

Dawn: LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly on Friday adopted a watered down resolution against the Geo Television for, what the opposition called, airing of a blasphemous programme in its morning transmission, while protest rallies against the media house were held across the country.

The original mover of the resolution and the opposition leader, Mahmoodur Rasheed of the Tehreek-i-Insaf, wanted a harsh wording like “blasphemous and hurting sentiments of 180 million people”.

Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, however, came up with some amendments and read his version, which was later adopted by the House in which the ruling PML-N enjoyed a two-thirds majority.

It says: “The House condemns this blasphemous attempt and urges the [electronic media regulator] Pemra, which has already taken a notice, to act according to law and justice. The house also urges ulema to provide intellectual and religious guidance to the people of Pakistan.”

Religious parties and associations and organisations of traders, lawyers, students and people from other walks of life took to streets in almost all big and small towns from Karachi to Peshawar against the offensive content aired a couple of days ago and demanded a ban on the TV channel.


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