Let’s play Blasphemy, Blasphemy!

yahoodiagentblogspot.ca: All religions preach love, harmony, peace, tolerance and brotherhood. This is a common argument heard at several interfaith conferences. However, once you start getting into the nitty gritty of things, each religion has something that can be considered blasphemous by others. Hinduism’s polytheism is a direct challenge to monotheistic faiths. The status of Christ as a son of God is unacceptable for Muslims. Similarly when Quran uses very strong words against polytheism, admonishing their Gods as false and claims that Christ is nothing more than a Prophet, Christians and Hindus can consider that blasphemous. Even within Islamic literature, various scholars from different sects (Sunni and Shia being the predominant ones), have written very inflammatory things either while interpreting Quran/Hadith according to their own understanding, or while criticizing the members or beliefs of other Islamic sects. That is the nature of religion. ANY Religion!


Pakistani religious scholars have always gloated that second amendment against Ahmadis was passed unanimously. All Muslims agreed that they were not “proper” Muslims. It was a democratic decision and it was right in the context of “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan. The irony however, is that a process that was supposed to show the unity of the “Ummah” has now reached such murderous proportions where the same “united” Muslims are killing each other on the charges of apostasy and blasphemy. The same charges that, when being applied against Ahmadis, were seen as acceptable.


In the last two weeks, Pakistan has seen four blasphemy related incidents. A lawyer was shot down in Multan just because he was defending an accused blasphemer. 68 Lawyers were accused of blasphemy after they got into an argument with a Police Officer who shared his name with the second Caliph of Islam. A teenager walked into a Police station, and shot a 65 years old Ahmadi man accused of blasphemy. And a TV channel with the name of Geo News came under fire for playing a Qawwali seemed inappropriate for the wedding celebrations that were being shown alongside it.



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  1. WE URGE KING ABDULLAH FROM SAUDI ARABIA, where Islam was born,to withdrawn all Violent Hadits from the book of Hadits, believed by extremist Muslim are the second book of Guidance beside Al Quran. As long as the violent Hadits still are there in the book of Hadits, this evil act will not end for ever.
    The book of Hadits compiled hundreds years after Prophet death, created by men, NOT by God. So there are many FALSE and violent Hadits in the book Of Hadits Muslim and Bukhari.
    If all Muslim scholars who knows there are false hadits create violence but ignore the fact, Allah will condemn them, this evil act will not stop for ever.
    May Allah guide King Abdullah to withdrawn all violent Hadits from the book of Hadits such as; blasphemy, gay-Lesbian, apostasy, heresy and kill, honor killing etc.
    all love

    Read more: http://www.themuslimtimes.org/2014/05/africa/sudan-a-misconception-of-apostasy#ixzz3243G4Mmu

  2. Our position on Hadiths

    We have frequent comments about Hadiths and some have the naive idea of editing some of the books of Hadiths and take out what they do not like, as some sort of panacea to reform the Muslims.

    This is a childish solution, there is a word for it in modern parlor, it is called ‘forgery.’

    You cannot recreate a book, which has existed for centuries in your own image.

    We just have to understand and read the books of Hadiths, with better understanding and wisdom and not take every thing as ‘gospel truth.’

    There are fabricated Hadith and then there are wonderful Hadiths.

    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community follows a simple matrix or yard stick that those Hadiths that cannot be harmonized with the Quranic teachings have to be laid aside.

    Let me share with all readers, two very beautiful collections of Hadith:

    1. Gardens of the Righteous by Imam Nawawi, translated into English by Sir Zafrulla Khan.

    2. A Collection of Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad with Foreword by Mahatma Gandhi

    Anyone who reads these collections, will find that there is a large collection of real gems of Hadiths, which we have to look for and find, from the vast collection, some of which are distasteful and a few real ugly!

  3. So I know your position now. Does your position represent Muslim Ahmadiyyah as whole ?
    I respect your position.
    All love

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