How Syria Could Affect the Future of Humanity

Huff Post: by Lorna Byrne —

I keep being shown crowds of children, thousands and thousands of them walking around clinging to each other, bewildered, not understanding how their parents have been killed, how their homes have been destroyed and how their very lives are in danger. I am shown these innocent children learning to hate, learning to want revenge.

I’m talking about Syria. Some people have asked me why I am so exercised by Syria? Why not Ukraine or Southern Sudan or any of the other places where there are atrocities happening?

I don’t fully know. All I know is that I am being told that Syria is a pivotal point for the world’s future. I have been shown what could happen if the situation in Syria is not resolved; I have been shown how a major conflict could develop that leads to a massive loss of life all around the world, with consequences that impact us all.

I have been shown the survivors of humanity feeling such despair and anger that we, the people of the world, had not done enough to diffuse this situation, that the leaders of the world and Syria didn’t do enough to stop it, and that the people of the world were too preoccupied with that was going on in their own lives to stand up and demand that their leaders act.

Alongside this vision of despair I am shown an alternate very hopeful future. I am shown that if the world listens and does the right things then the resolution of the conflict in Syria can change our world for the better. That the lessons learnt in resolving the Syrian crisis can provide us with a new model for peace in our world. A model where our leaders get together for the good of humanity and leave aside issues of money, power and influence. This would be the first time that peace would be brought about in this way and would lead to a new way to resolve conflict.

I have not been shown how this begins to happen other than being told that America has a key role — that President Obama has to stand up and have the courage to show real leadership.


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