Wilders Urges Voters to Report PvdA Leader Samsom

THE HAGUE, 03/04/14
Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has called on everyone to make a police report against Labour (PvdA) leader Diederik Samsom for discrimination against Moroccans.

Against Wilders himself, 5,000 reports have already been made calling for his prosecution for his plea for less Moroccans. The PVV leader however says that Samsom and PvdA chairman Hans Spekman have made statements that go at least as far.

Wilders: “I call on everyone to make a report against Samsom and Spekman, so that the Public Prosecutor will be forced to speak out not only about my words but also about theirs. If Lady Justice is really blind, then she will have to prosecute all of us or none of us. I hope none of us.”

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