This war on ‘Islamism’ only fuels hatred and violence

theguardian: by Seumas Milne —

In Britain, the campaign against Islamist “extremism” is once again in full flow. In fact, it is open season on the Muslim community. For the past few weeks reports have multiplied about an alleged “Islamic plot”, code-named Operation Trojan Horse, to take control of 25 state schools in Birmingham and run them on strict religious principles.

The neocons are back. That toxic blend of messianic warmongering abroad and McCarthyite witch-hunting at home – which gave us Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo and the London bombings – is coursing through our public life again. Yesterday the liberal interventionists’ hero, Tony Blair, was once more demanding military action against the “threat of radical Islam”.

Reprising the theme that guided him and George Bush through the deceit and carnage of the “war on terror”, the former prime minister took his crusade against “Islamism” on to a new plane. The west should, he demanded, make common cause with Russia and China to support those with a “modern” view against the tide of political Islam.

But he also demanded military intervention against Syria – backed by Russia – along with more “active measures” to help the armed opposition, which is dominated by Islamists and jihadists. It’s a crazy combination with an openly anti-democratic core: the Middle East peace envoy also warmly endorsed the Egyptian dictatorship, along with the repressive autocracies of the Gulf.


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  1. I am afraid UK or more precisely England have no future in modern civilized world if they continue this rhetoric and hate. And that war criminal at large aka peace envoy ahh… completely unaware of ground realities. It seems he lives in his own utopia of hate, jealousy and medieval crusades defeats.UK is on the way to cease to exist as it is as now.

  2. Ahmed Qureish,
    Mr Blair is voicing the pains and concerns of his country based on a misconceived notion of accommodation.
    If efforts are not made to correct the mistakes of the past and chart a new course, not only the UK but the entire world will cease to know what is civilization. Nobody is begged or paid to live in the UK if what is said or done does not go down well with him/her. The UK is not in the 7th to 14th centuries.
    Staying away from where one is not welcome will ensure that there is no hatred.

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