Quran forbids men from hurting wives

Source: Duluth News Tribune

By M. Imran Hayee

During a discussion with my 11-year-old daughter on the subject of respect and the status of women in Islam, the conversation turned to the issue of domestic violence. When I told my daughter that critics of Islam allege the Quran encourages men to beat women she looked at me in sheer disbelief. I asked her to read the verse 4:35, which advises men, “And as for those on whose part you fear disobedience, admonish them, and leave them alone in their beds, and chastise them.” In some versions of Quran, the Arabic word “dharabu-hunna” in this verse is translated as “beat them” instead of “chastise them.”

My daughter shockingly whispered, “Baba, I don’t think you will ever take this advice.”

“Why not?” I played along. “I wish all men would follow this advice.”

She instantly reacted, “You don’t make sense, Baba.”

To make sense of it, let’s first analyze the issue.

According to the World Health Organization, one in three women worldwide is attacked or abused, most by their intimate partners. In America alone, every day, 1,100 women experience physical assaults and at least three women are killed by their husbands or boyfriends.

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  1. Bismilahirahmanirrahiim


    Old interpretation; Often we hear from extremist clerics that want to uphold the ancient Arab tradition, or pre-islamic tradition in which they are proud to follow their ancient Arab tradition from one generation to next generation.

    They do not want to change their view about woman. Ancient Arab tradition, we find women treated as second class citizen, poverty, women were treated as slave, and a girl child were assumed to bring unlucky to family, therefore her parents kill their child.

    This backward time are still continuing till now in some Arab countries.

    Modren interpretation; Husband and wife has the same right in bed. Husband and wife has the right to reject to do sexual if he/she does not want to do so. There is no force. This verse QS 4;34 is not valid anymore in 21st century.

    Because man and woman has same opportunity to get education now. Woman is not necessary to stay home all day, she can go to work as a man.

    Muslim Scholars should DARE to abrogate some verses that do not fit with human culture in 21st Century.

    1. Sadistic punishment
    2. Inheritance for woman and man.
    3. Polygamy.
    4. Coffin
    5. Time of shalat and fasting.
    6. Verse for Jihat
    7. and Ancient Arab tradition.
    8. verses in War time.
    9 etc

    The same as the rule of inheritance, where woman will get half from a her brother. Since woman has opportunity to go to work, man and woman will receive inheritance same as a man.

    From my understanding , Prophet Muhammad never beat his wives, if a wife does not want to have sex. Prophet is tolerant and forgiving. I believe that there is an error in interpreting a word of the verse.

    The best way to solve this problem is husband have to be patient and may live separately for awhile until she feel good again. There is no force in Islam, Islam is peaceful religion.

    Those who follow the Ancient Arab tradition, the image Islam still PRIMITIVE and ugly.

    Those who want to see Islam is the progressive religion, we have to interpret Al Quran according to the development of Science and Human Culture in 21st Century.

    May Allah guide all Muslim scholars to the truth of Islamic teaching, Ameen

    If any question, please feel free, I will be happy to respond your question.

    All love


    The Teaching about The quality’s right between man and woman.

    Old interpretation according the early state of Islam or slavery era, women received ½ inheritance than men.
    Modren Interpretation man and women receive equal inheritance.

    At Prophet Muhammad (saw) time, 1400 year ago, Allah sent down to Prophet Muhammad (saw) regarding inheritance, woman will get ½ that man get it. At that time women were prohibited to go outside of her house, prohibited to go school, and women always stay at home,

    Today, women and man can go to work and school. Man and women has the same as responsibility to rise their children. Therefore the rule of Allah can be adjusted

    According to the rule of Allah, that man and woman are equal before Allah and law. As Allah and Prophet Muhammad said in Al Quran;

    Surely, Muslim men and Muslim women, believing men and believing women, devout men and devout women, truthful men and truthful women, patient men and patient women, humble men and humble women, and the men who give sadaqah (charity) and the women who give sadaqah, and the men who fast and the women who fast, and the men who guard their private parts (against evil acts) and the women who guard (theirs), and the men who remember Allah much and the women who remember (Him) – for them, Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward. QS. 33:35.

    So Allah punisheth hypocritical men and hypocritical women, and idolatrous men and idolatrous women. But Allah pardoneth believing men and believing women, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. QS 33; 73.

    As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a retribution for their deed and exemplary punishment from Allah amd Allah is Exalted in Power, full of Wisdom. QS 5;38.

    According to Allah’s rules above, man and woman are equal before law.

    There is no discrimination of Islamic teaching. Discrimination of act is unlawful.

    All love



    We, Muslims, really need a reformation to change/correct the old interpretation to the modern interpretation according to development of science, technology, and human cultures in 21 st. century, otherwise, muslims still live in the dark age, undeveloped, backward, or in other words, Muslims can not lead human to the right path, to paradaise as Allah promised, those who follow His commandment rightly and completely will be rewarded a paradise in this world and hereafter.

    1. Old interpretation; A woman is prohibited to go outside of her house without being accompanied by a man from her family.
    Modern Interpretation; A woman can go outside of her house without accompanied by her brother or husband, if it is safe.

    2. Old interpretation; Women have to wear hijab/veil if she goes outside.
    Modern interpretation; Women do not need to feel guilty if she does not want to wear hijab, and feel safe. Burqa, Niqab, Hijab and Robe (worn by a man) are Arab’s traditional clothes or dresses which are worn in desert areas. People need to protect their body from extream heat and desert storm that could hurt and harm them, therefore, they always cover their entire body parts including their faces except their eyes. These are not islamic dress codes for all Muslims over the world to wear.

    3. Old interpretation; Women are prohibited to go to school.
    Modern interpretation; Women can get good education like the men.

    4. Old interpretation; Women should not shake hand with a man.
    Modern interpretation; Woman is allowed to shake hand with a man who is not related.

    6. Old interpretation; Women are not allowed to sing a song at public place, or on TV.
    Modern interpretation; Women are allowed to sing on TV or at public places, if she feels safe/comfortable.

    7. Old interpretation; Women cannot marry a Christian or Jewish man. (At war time. QS. 2:221)
    Modern interpretation; Women are allowed to marry a Christian man as long as they love each other.

    8. Old interpretation; Women and men should sit separately in public transportations or public settings such as school or mall.
    Modern interpretation ; Women are allowed to sit side by side with men.

    9. Old interpretation; Women and men should be forbidden to eat meat that slaughtered by Christian and Jews. (QS. 5:3)
    Modern interpretation; Muslim are allowed to eat meat that slaughtered by Jews and Christian. (Except at war time. QS 2:173)

    10. Old interpretation; Women should be forbidden to participate in Miss Universe contests.
    Modern interpretation; Women are allowed to participate in Miss Universe contests and any sport events.

    11. Old interpretation; Women should be forbidden to become a leader or an imam of a Mosque.
    Modern interpretation; Women are allowed to become an imam at a Mosque or a leader. Man and woman are equal.

    12. Old interpretation; Women should get inheritance half of man.
    Modern interpretation; Women and men should receive equal amount of inheritance.

    13. Old interpretation; Music is prohibited, because Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not engage in it.
    Modern interpretation; Music is allowed eventhough Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not engage in it.

    May Allah will guide all Muslim Scholars to the truth of Islamic teaching, Ameen

    All love

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