Islamic-Christian Commission warns of Israeli festival in Jerusalem

Al Qassam website – The Islamic-Christian Commission for the support of Jerusalem and holy sites warned on Tuesday of the occupation authority’s intention to organize a large Jewish festival in the occupied city of Jerusalem over a whole month.

The Commission said in a statement on Tuesday that these festivals are part of the judaization plan that targets the city of Jerusalem.

It noted that the festival to be held will revive “the glories of the Evangelical revolutions and the campaigns in the late Middle Ages,” and aims to attract the maximum number of tourists and Jews, to change the character of Jerusalem and to distort its history and ancient civilization.

The Secretary-General of the Commission Dr. Hanna Issa considered the festival which will kick off on Thursday a judaizing step and a violation of the sanctity of the holy city and the Christian and Islamic holy places.

The Commission called for denying and refuting all the Jewish allegations which will be presented during this festival by shedding light on the history of Jerusalem, its culture and sanctity.

It also warned that the occupation authorities and settlers are now using all the means and methods to Judaize Jerusalem, to impose their control over it and to build the alleged Temple.


Categories: Arab World, Asia, Israel, Palestine

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