10 Facts About The Transforming Global Religious Landscape

Source: The Huffington Post

By Posted: 10/22/2013 8:08 am EDT  |  Updated: 10/22/2013 9:42 am EDT

The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life conducted a comprehensive demographic study of over 230 countries and territories in 2012, and some of their results might surprise you.

Here are ten things that you should know about the current state of religion in today’s world.

1. Religious ‘Nones’ Are Third-Largest Group
Religiously unaffiliated people are the third-largest “religious” group worldwide, behind Christians and Muslims. Roughly one-in-six people around the globe, 16.3%, are religious “nones.”

2. China Has Huge Population Of Religiously Unaffiliated
The number of religiously unaffiliated people in China alone is more than twice the United States’ total population. About 700 million Chinese residents do not identify with a specific religious group.


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  1. I wish there was a survey for the Muslim population accordng to their denominations i.e. Wahhabi, Sunni, Brelvi, Deobandi, Shia, Bohri, Agha khani, Ahmadi, and those who donot attach with any sect.

    It is believed that there are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world.

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