The Muslims are Coming!

We learnt that any time you read a quote that sounded violent or sexist, people guessed it was from the Koran. Most of those quotes were from the Bible.

NY Daily News:

I want to assign everyone in America a Muslim friend — starting right here in New York City. It will be kinda of like the “Adopt a Highway” program but instead you can “adopt” a Muslim. Maybe we can even turn it into a reality show called, “Hanging with a Muslim.”

Why do I want to do this? Only two percent of our country is Muslim, so most Americans don’t personally know any — that means people are only learning about Muslims from seeing us on the news, and that’s not good. That was a motivation for a new comedy documentary…………..

While traveling the country for our comedy tour, we did more than just free stand-up shows. We tried to meet as many people as possible. We visited gun shows, cafes, bowling alleys and more.

We even played a game on the streets of Alabama called “name that religion,” where we read people quotes from the New Testament, Old Testament and the Koran and asked them to guess which holy book it was from. If the person answered correctly, they won some “great” prizes like a shot glass with the Alabama flag on it or slightly used salt and peppershakers.

Read about what we learnt:

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