Organ Donation by a Muslim Professor sparks debate

Khabar South Asia:

……. The donation of the body of a prominent Indian Muslim Professor to a medical college has triggered a controversy in India, with many Muslim clerics claiming the act is un-Islamic. But one top Islamic scholar says neither the Qur’an nor the Hadith forbid organ donation.

Born Hindu, Professor Abdullah Periyardasan turned atheist before turning to Buddhism, and then finally, in 2010, to Islam. He became an Islamic orator popular among South Asian Muslims.


Blood is a major part of our body and we donate it every day! We don’t consider it Haraam.
Blood after drawing may be frozen, thawed, separated and processed in multiple ways & we don’t believe it is Muthla (disfigurement)


After the former professor died in Chennai on August 19th, his family donated his eyes to an eye bank and his body to Madras Medical College for education and research. The family members, who practice Hinduism, said they were respecting Abdullah’s wishes.

“There is a Hadith which says: ‘Make yourself useful for others’. In the present scientific age, organ donation is a clear example of this kind of usefulness.”

“My father said in a family meeting six months ago that after his death, his body should be donated for medical purpose. He said: ‘It’s my last wish – my body should be of some use to the society.’ He repeated that instruction at our home even three days before his death,” Abdullah’s son V. S. Valavan said to the media when he donated the body.



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