Cardiff: Free course explores life and importance of the Prophet Muhammad


A free Cardiff University course will go out into the city’s Muslim community to explore the importance of the Prophet Muhammad through history.

‘Introduction to Muhammad: His life and image in history’ will be taught by Maulana Dr Mansur Ali, of the University’s Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, in nine weekly sessions at a venue in Butetown or Grangetown.

Maulana Mansur is a graduate of a British Islamic seminary in Bury, near Manchester. He also has degrees in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, and he gained a PhD in Hadith Studies from Manchester University.

“We will be looking into the life of Muhammad, his importance in Muslim religious life and how he has been perceived through history, both by Muslims and non-Muslims,” said Dr Ali.

“The aim is to delve deeper into the life of this important historical figure and to make sense of what is happening today.”

The course, run by the University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning, is open to anyone, but is expected to be of particular interest to members of the Muslim community.

As part of the University’s Live Local Learn Local community outreach programme, the course is free, and… continue reading at

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