Stop Talking Abbas. Now. | Israeli minister: West Bank ‘will be under Israeli control forever’

Ariel says “All the area located to the west of the Jordan River is owned by Israel and it will continue to be under Israeli control forever,” Israeli housing minister, Uri Ariel, has said that the West Bank will be under Israeli control forever. Ariel was addressing settlers near the Shilafim settlement in the occupied West Bank.

“All the area located to the west of the Jordan River is owned by Israel and it will continue to be under Israeli control forever,” he said.

The remarks came as Palestinian-Israeli peace talk meetings continued and Palestinian Authority officials expected Israel to offer some concessions on land and settlement issues. Previously, former chief of the Israeli Shin Bet, had said that he did not believe Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, intentions for a two-state solution.

Analysts said that such remarks proved that Israel’s leaders were not interested in the peace process and that they were only buying time to ‘Judaise’ more lands in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.


Ariel says “All the area located to the west of the Jordan River is owned by Israel and it will continue to be under Israeli control forever,”

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  1. As the regular readers of The Muslim Times will have noticed I personally do not see any chance for a proper (equal) ‘two state solution’. Therefore the sooner the better that everyone, including Abbas, work towards a ‘one state solution’ with equality (of course without Apartheid). Just my view, it is up to the Palestinians to decide their own future.

  2. The Jews claim this land to be theirs by the virtue of the promise of God. However, they forget that the promise was conditional, it was providing that they submit to Gods commandments. One of the conditions, was, submission to God to promote peace and justice. If they fail on this, and indeed they have failed and it was because of this basic breach that the lost all political & economic rights to this sacred land, where so many of gods prophets came and established peace, Justice
    and submission to God. After 2000 years of losing that right over the land, by virtue of their crookedness and connivance, they have been given a second chance after a long period of suffering, the bani Israel has not changed except for a few who have submitted. It’s because of these few among them that God is pleased with and they in return are at one with God. That is reason that the whole body of the bani Isreal is recipients of Gods pleasure. However, on the other side, the Muslims enjoyed that pleasure of God, to dwell in the hand whilst they submitted to God! However, when they turned away and adopted the ways of the Jews, they have lost to a more organised people who are no different to them in matters of conduct.

    But, there is a promise to the Muslims, that this holy land of the prophets will always stay among the people who keep Gods commandments. Clearly that promise exists and when the Muslims submit to Allah and turn away from their inclinations of the Jews and turn to the true teachings of the Quran, the peaceful teachings of the prophet of Allah, the benefactor of all mankind, the land will revert back to them with powerful help of Allah, no matter what the evil doers plan, Allah is ultimately the best of planners!

    He who promotes injustice and inquity will be struck with its injustice and inquity!… However, when the peace makers and Just people from among the Muslims will inherit this land, they will truly dispense justice & equity to all people, wether they are Jews, Christians, or Muslims, as Muslims conducted in the past 1000 years!

    So, my message to the Jews, is clear, dispense justice in equity for your own survival, rather than to plot the demise of the Muslims from this land!

  3. In response to Rafiq Sahibs, suggestion:

    One state solution with equal rights for all is the only conclusion and the only reality and choice for all parties. I do not see any other solution for peaceful co-existence.

    This will happen in reality over time, wether both parties accept or not! One State is the only solution with equal rights for all. Of course, the state of Israel will resist but there are dividends for peace for both parties.

    Although the to dispense equal rights are in the hands of the Israeli state, it is for the Muslims to become peaceful and win the pleasure of Allah and I am sure Allah will change their condition of helplessness & fear to a condition of peace & security in time!

    60 to 70 years of loss of rights are nothing in the expanse of history! Have faith in Allah and lead in matters of good! The submission to Allah & his prophet is the sure track to success, despite the unjust enemy is apparently so strong! However, I am sure that there are a minority God fearing among the Jews. Seek
    them out and join them in the promotion of peace! Find the common grounds with them, that, in my opinion will be the way forward for the peace and security of all parties. Also, it’s a way to defeat the mischief makers!

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