Centenarian Indian Hajis making the most of it

Believe it or not, at a time when younger people are becoming victims of even minor infections, three Indian pilgrims above the age of 100 have arrived in the Kingdom to perform Haj, and they are in perfect shape.

Ismail from the north Indian state of Haryana, who has seen all of 107 summers, is the oldest of the trio, with 102-year-old grand old lady Havabibi Shaikh from Gujarat and 100-year-old Ilyas from Uttar Pradesh looking forward to performing the Haj rituals this season. All of them have come through the government’s central Haj Committee.

Indian Consul General Faiz Ahmed Kidwai said on Friday: “All these three pilgrims are well-oriented with Haj rituals and are also in good health. The Indian medical mission has been visiting them on a regular basis to check their health condition.”

From India, 100,191 pilgrims arrived till Thursday, with Jeddah accounting for 90,049 and Madinah receiving 62,176 of them. A total of 337 flights of Saudia and Air India have carried these passengers to the two airports.

The consulate has said that 23 pilgrims died in Makkah and another 12 in Madinah.

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