Why I Think Islamists Are Anti-Islam

by Dr. David Liepert

The first Muslims, following after Muhammad, fought for a world where Islam was allowed, not imposed. The world they won was a world with religious liberty, not a world with one faith forced on everyone else.

The religion of Islam, the Faith of Abraham as proclaimed by Muhammad—peace be upon them both—is all about relationships: our relationship with our Creator who made everything informing the way we relate to everything. Muslims are God’s servants, tasked to live our lives for the sake of all.

Photo Shows Muslims Protecting Church in Egypt as Congregants Attend Mass


So how does the so-called Islamist world-view, one that puts promoting Islam (and generally, one specific sort of Islamic ideology alone) ahead of egalitarian justice, or freedom, or sometimes human life itself—one that’s shared by those misguided persons behind the killing of innocent Christians in Pakistan, innocent Muslims in the Middle East, innocent believers of every faith anywhere, innocent shoppers in Kenya, for God’s sake!—make any sense, from an Islamic perspective?

It doesn’t.


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