Islamic Preaching

True Dreams

”  Oh, Allah, bless my sleep and grant me true dreams, dreams that are beneficial to me and dreams that remain in my memory. “   According to the German Orientalist Dr. Annemarie Schimmel in her book “Die Traeume des Kalifen” the above prayer was recited by Hadhrat Aisha, wife […]

Polygamy and the Social Media

No, I am not introducing a new ‘App’ or ‘Matching Service’ for potential ‘recruitment’ into polygamous unions via social media. What I am referring to is the problem of polygamous husbands using the social media or just spending some time on the Desktop Computer. All of us, whether married or […]

Al-Farabi’s prayer

Al-Farabi’s prayer İBRAHIM KALIN@ikalin1 Published January 6, 2017 As Al-Farabi combines the major strands of the Islamic intellectual tradition, his prayer is of particular importance not only for the students of Islamic philosophy but also for anyone interested in the relations between philosophical thinking, logical rigor and spiritual refinement How does […]