Pakistan church blast ‘kills 25’ Death Toll Rising- Latest Reports Indicate over 50 dead- Live

BBC-ET: A bomb blast outside a church in the Pakistani city of Peshawar kills at least 25 people and injured more than 40, medics say.

A bomb disposal officer said two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the church when people were coming out after Sunday Mass.

The victims were said to include women and children.

Islamist militants have been blamed for previous such attacks on Pakistan’s Christian minority.

Christians make up about 1.6% of Pakistan’s mainly Muslim population.

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  1. I don’t blame the bombers solely. There is a difference between just killing and suicide bombing. The latter means there is someone behind who assured rewards of the hereafter. The bombers are mere pawns in the hands of the worst creatures on the planet; the Mullas

  2. Extremism and wisdom are like chalk and cheese. They don’t mix. What kind of perverted form of Islam follow those who kill innocents in Shopping Malls (Al Shabab in Kenya) and attack worshippers in Churches (Possibly Taliban who blew themselves up today outside a Church killing scores in Peshawar, Pakistan )?

    Such people deserve double punishment: 1. Killing of innocents 2. Turning people off Islam and putting it into disrepute.

  3. That was a very bad act of killing innocent Pakistanis in Peshawar. Those killed were Pakistanis, not just Christians. The killers are not in the open, not well known. The Killers are not Muslims. They are Kafir i.e. enemies.
    The root cause of the Problem is the Federal and Punjab provincial governments. They are responsible too.
    In Punjab, in last few days, there were open speeches spewing hatred against Ahmadis. The Mullas are seen on TV abusing and accusing Ahmadis and threatening Ahmadis.

    Those who done the damage in Peshawar cannot be caught easily. But these culprits in Punjab are clearly known and visible. Why the government does not check them? It is well known that the government is a slave of the Mullas. Government is afraid of the Mullas. The government does not dare take any step in the right direction such as action against hate speeches or action against blasphemy law etc. which IS the root cause of all terrorism.

    I have recently read a (Urdu) book about General Zia ul Haque wrItten by Sattar Tahir. The writer complained and lamented about all the bad deeds of Zia, about his falsehood and cleverness and dishonesty, and his political maneuvers since 1985.

    But the writer failed to mention the Ordinance issued by Zia in 1984 against Ahmadis. That was a clear bad deed worth mentioning. When People party or any other did not stand up against that Zia terrorism, there was no need to cry over the later atrocities of the General.

    Same thing is continuing in Sharif brothers rule. They cannot see the clear cases of terrorism in the land and they are running (trying) to chase the shadows.

    The persons (Christians) who are killed in Peshawar are all brothers of the Pakistani Muslims. It is huge loss. The government should liberally compensate the loss .

  4. Very sad I strongly condemn the inhuman callous act of killing innocent human beings. The only solution is the ‘Bangladesh model’ remove the word of religion ‘Islamic’from the name of the state and make it equal for all citizens irrespective if their religious beliefs ie Federal Republic of Pakistan.

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