Russia: Syria has ‘material evidence’ that rebels used chemical weapons

Global Post: Syria’s government has provided “material evidence” that rebels have used chemical weapons in their battle to overthrow it, a senior Russian diplomat said Tuesday.

Speaking after a meeting with Syrian officials in Damascus Tuesday night, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov slammed the United Nations report that detailed the use of sarin gas in an attack last month as biased and incomplete.

“Just now we were given evidence,” Ryabkov told state-run Russia Today, without giving further details. “We need to analyze it.”

The UN’s report deliberately did not draw conclusions as to who was responsible for the Aug. 21 attack on Ghouta, eastern Damascus, though the US, UK and France have said that the forensic and ballistic evidence it collates shows that only President Bashar al-Assad’s forces could have carried it out.

“We are unhappy about this report,” Ryabkov told RT, “we think that report was distorted, it was one-sided, the basis of information upon which it is built is not sufficient, and in any case we would need to learn and know more on what happened beyond and above that incident of August 21.”


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