Pakistan: 4th victim in 4 weeks, another Ahmadi murdered in Karachi today

Ahmadiyya Times: Fourth in four weeks, another Ahamdi man is murdered earlier today in Pakistan, it is reported.

27 years old Ijaz Ahmad Keyani, killed solely because of his faith, was a resident of Orangi Town area of Karachi, in the Sind province of Pakistan.

The news of murder – first surfaced on micro-blogging website Facebook – was confirmed by the national spokesperson of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan through a press release.

The victim was on his way to work when two men riding motorcycles abruptly intercepted and shot him repeatedly, it was reported.

According to details made available, Keyani was shot six times with first shot to his hand and four more to the chest, causing victim to fell down on the ground.

The killers shot Keyani one more time in his head and sped away on their motorcycles in broad daylight, it was reported.

Victim died immediately.

Ijaz Ahmad Keyani, is survived by his wife and two children – a five years old daughter and a two year old son – and his parents.


6 replies

  1. As I have said earlier that Karachi outskirts have become heavens for Taliban who took refuge here after Pakistan Army started operation in north west tribal areas.
    These people collaborated with local sectarian extremist funded by Saudis are attacking Ahamdi Muslims.

    Bangladesh will see a long lasting peace by eliminating these evils.

  2. Dear Brother, believe me that there will be no need to HANG more than ONE MULLAH, rest of them will hide or run away, they are a group of cowards.

  3. Its just a matter of time mark my word all mullahs and those they have misled must repent now than later. Where Zia? Where Bhutto? Take a lessons Allah gave a promise to promised messiah as he will humiliate whoever want to humuliate him killing innocent Ahmadi Muslims you will not be spared.

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