PAKISTAN: Innocent Ahmadis continue to be harassed persecuted and murdered while the government looks on

Asian Human Rights Comission: September 12, 2013

Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan continue to be persecuted, prosecuted, humiliated, harassed, tortured and subjected to target killings. In the very recent past hundreds of Ahmadis have been murdered for their faith and belief and this horrifying brutality continues under the very eyes of the Government who take no notice or action and blatantly allow the culprits to go scot-free.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community keeps the world aware of such atrocities in the hope that the international community will raise their voices against such inhumane, cruel practices and pressurise Pakistan to honour its commitments to the International Code of Conduct, the UNDHR, the values and principles of democracy and the promises made in its very own Constitution.

Once again the Asian Human Rights Commission is sharing with our readers the murder of three more innocent Ahmadis during the past weeks.

The details of these murders are as follows –


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  1. May God Almighty bless and protect Ahmadiyya Muslims of Pakistani roots so that they could live a life as ordained by Allah RabbulAlameen, through the last Holy Shariat of Islam, under the guidance of Khilafat-e- Islam Ahmadiyya, so that they fulfil the end and the purpose of life on this earth. Ameen.

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