Michelle Obama Opposes Syria Strike, President Says

Source: The Huffington Post

First Lady Michelle Obama opposes military action in Syria, President Barack Obama told PBS and NBC News on Monday.

“My own family members… they’re very wary and suspicious,” President Obama told PBS.

Obama said the First Lady does not want the country to engage in another war:

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First Lady: Michelle Obama

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  1. Today I was reading the tashreeh of Sura Rehman and what I have unterstood from it, it’s still possible that this big war doesn’t take place… if those two Saqlain groups repent…We have been warned of the danger which could take place if we don’t repent.


  3. Issues resolved with force is not sustainable. Michelle’s correct. Solution will emerge when there is cease fire and then proper dialogue.

  4. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    On the one hand the Muslims States particularly their Rulers should take heed not to become laughing stuff for the World for their own greedy personal gains, and not at stake the peace of their countries nor of the World and should pay heed to the sermons of Khulafa-e-Ahmadiyyat advising them the security and peace of not only for their countries but for the World at large. On the other hand we the American should mind our own business and not to indulge in wars destroying thousands of our solders and multimillion of other innocent people destroying the peace of the World in the Name of peace, especially indulging in war with Muslims Nations one after the other. It will create doubts about us and create the feelings of heaters among Muslims that would eventually benefits to Al-Quaida to prepare more terrorists in the World. We should have very balanced approach towards the state of Israel and with the Muslims States. I think the First Lady Michel Obama deserve Congratulations for having such a wise opinion. Long Live Michel Obama and Long live USA. God Bless America. For further readings in this regard please browse http://www.muslimsforpeace.org

    Zarif Ahmad

  5. We must solute First Lady Michelle Obama for her thoughts. If Fist lady Laura Bush of our previous President thoughts on the same way, may be we will not be at current war situation but will be Marching towards PEACE.

  6. A very welcome news. Michelle Obama seems to have more, much more sense than Barrak Obama. As a woman and mother she can understand the pain of losing children and dear ones especially non combatants and young. I will vote for Michelle for next US president.

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