Two Islamic TV channels fined for hate mongering [against Ahamdi Muslims]


The media regulator Ofcom has imposed fines on two Islamic satellite TV channels for hatemongering.

Noor TV, which broadcasts from Birmingham and is aimed at young Muslims, was fined £85,000 after a presenter launched a rant saying that it was every Muslim’s duty to murder anyone who insults the prophet Mohammad.

On a programme called Message from Mustafa, the presenter Allama Muhammad Farooq Nizami was asked by a caller what punishment was due to anyone insulting Islam. Nizami replied: “One has to choose one’s own method. Our way is the peaceful way but when someone crosses the limits, faith-based emotions are instigated. The mission of our life is to protect the sanctity of our beloved Lord. May Allah accept us wherever there is a need to kill a blasphemer. We are ready, and should be ready at all times, to kill a blasphemer.”

Meanwhile Takbeer TV – a station aimed at Sunni Muslims and also based in Birmingham – was fined £25,000 for broadcasting programmes about the minority Ahmadi Muslim community and “using words that amounted to abusive treatment of the Ahmadiyya religion and the Ahmadi community more generally.”

In its report, Ofcon said:

“For example, they [the Ahmadis] were described as having “monstrous” intentions and being both “lying monsters” and worthy of elimination by Allah, “by using worms and vermin.

“One of the panellists and a caller made statements that were highly abusive to members of the Ahmadi community and their beliefs, by, for example, equating such beliefs to having “piles” and agreeing that Ahmadis require “operating on … without … anaesthesia”; and two callers made sustained, repeated and derogatory references to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, founder of the Ahmadiyya religion, stating, for example, that “the whole world knows… Mirza died in a … continue reading at

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