Students demand to disband Ahmadiyah

Sarolangun – Dozens of students who are members of the Indonesian Islamic Students Movement (PMII) Sarolangun branch requested that the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) Sarolangun disband Ahmadiyah sect that has begun to enter in Sarolangun.

” We support what the student peers from PMII, but the authority to expel the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is not authorized by MORA.


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  1. How strange! Is religion a political party that can be disbanded? Religion is in the heart of a person and his relationship with Allah. How can anybody disband it? May Allah give such people some understanding of religion.

  2. My dear Abdul aziz, may be it is better for these / such people to carefully look at the Qura’an verse: KhatamAllaho alaa quloobehim wa alaa sam-ehim, wa alaa absaarehim ghishawatun. And figure out if it applies to them. If yes then they must look at the last part of this verse and see if fear of God Almighty touches their hearts.

  3. Opposition like this is never unexpected as it is one of the signs that Imam al Mahdi(as) and his followers willl be attacked by some republics but Ahmadiyya will forever be victorious even though the enemies may resent.

  4. These are ‘students’ who are supposed to be and educated lot?! How strangely they use their God given brains, unfortunately….., or should I say NOT USE them (brains).

    If they do have any sense, they seem to be misusing it, by promoting intolerance instead of searching for the TRUTH.

    I feel pity for such people….

    And as brother Abdul Aziz says, Ahmadiyyat is not a kind of political party or such, that can be disbanded by the powers that be since it’s a matter of faith. Do these students have any sense that even if they try by all kinds of means to hurt Ahmadis, it just makes our faith stronger and they will be totally ineffective, Insha’Allah.

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