Muslims & Jews- Do they hate each other?

It is a sad fact that there has been so much misunderstanding and suspicion between the Jewish and Muslim communities all these years. In fact, there are several common factors that should have served as bases for both communities to have a cordial relationship, though the reality on the ground is unfortunately different.

The most important belief that should bind Muslims and Jews together as brothers and sisters is the faith in the One True God of the universe. Both religions teach the need for establishing the Law of God on earth, so that there will be peace and harmony flourishing everywhere.

All the Jewish prophets, including Moses (peace be on him) are honored and respected by Muslims as prophets of Islam too. Particularly honored is Abraham (peace be upon him) whom the Quran calls an “ummah” or a nation unto himself.

Indeed, both Jews and Arabs are the Children of Abraham; Jews descended from his second son Isaac (peace be on him) and Arabs from the first son Ishmael (peace be on him). To Moses, God Almighty revealed the Torah, as He revealed to Jesus (peace be on him) the Gospel.

Completing the progressive revelation of the Divine Guidance to man, God finally revealed the Quran to the final messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). All these prophets were sent by God and the religion they taught was basically the same religion, namely submission to God (which is the meaning of the word “Islam”).

But instead of developing mutual love as a result of these common grounds, the Jews and Muslims developed mutual animosity over the centuries.

The reasons are as follows:

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