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  1. It is of course a gross exaggeration and a joke. If friends find it offensive, we can remove the post or think of it as an opportunity to explain polygamy in better terms.

    In general terms polygamy seems to be more acceptable in Arab countries than some of the other Muslim countries.

  2. Relax brother Rafiq it is just a joke!!
    Only animals would do it that way. For humans, it would be the other way around!!

  3. lol that is funny… but aside from the exaggerations on the subject of polygamy , I don’t see anything wrong with it if anyone wishes to practice in accordance with the commandments of God like Mormons, arabs and muslims do . It’s kinda bizar here in the west all kinds of Gods natural and moral laws are broken and everyone goes along as if everything is normal while a moral natural practice of polygamy to chritian Mormons , muslims and arabs is treated illegal and abnormal Lo and behold suddenly everyone acts like they are morally correct, disgusted and outraged. Go ahead make my day , discuss the subject further brother Zia

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