Christianity and atheism are two sides of the same coin

theguardian: by Matthew Engelke.

Those of us with no faith have a lot to learn about the value of halting the normal rhythms of life and stopping to reflect

Earlier this week I attended the national parliamentary prayer breakfast, which takes place each June in the magnificent surrounds of Westminster Hall. As usual, there were hundreds of guests, including church leaders, community activists, diplomats and politicians. All for a 7.30am start. It was my third time, but my first as a speaker at one of the post-breakfast seminars – perhaps notable above all because I am not a Christian or otherwise religious.

I wasn’t the only non-religious person there, although it is definitely a Christian occasion. On the event’s website, Stephen Timms MP is quoted in a promotional video as saying the breakfast captures “a very important movement, across Britain today, of people whose starting point is faith in Jesus”. Nicky Morgan MP says she’s in parliament not only for her constituents, but “to remember the Word of God and serve the Lord”.


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  1. Yes Christians believe but believe in 3 gods……

    gods who just know to love…… homosexuals…………love murderers………………… immoral sinners…………provided they all are Christians.

    gods who have no standard of morality………..give freedom of wishes…

    Unfortunately and as a matter of fact this what Atheists want.

  2. Atheism and being religous cannot be the same. Atheists are one step (important step) behind the religious persons.

    For religion, it is necessary to:
    1. Believe in God i.e. a Creator.
    2. To Follow the God given law and do good deeds in this life.
    (that is, at least be peaceful).

    So there are two steps. The religious person has taken one step and may be (?) falling behind in the second step. Only the belief will not help the religious person. Yet belief is a must before any deed.

    The Atheist has not taken any step. He has no belief or book of laws. He/she cannot believe in after life or accountability. Why he should do good deeds? There is nothing in future or next life. There is only responsibility of this life only and I believe that is a very good and important responsibility. (Positive point).

    Being peaceful will benefit the Atheist. Being violent will harm the religious one. So his belief in God will not help him.

    It is necessary to believe in the unseen things, spiritual, moral, feelings, abstract things (God, Heaven, hell, angels, happiness, love, sympathy, pain etc.)

    I believe in unseen things (atom, proton, electron). I have never seen them myself but I heard about them from some one. So I believe in them. But i do not say that I will believe only in the seen things.

    Similarly, I have heard about God, angels, heaven and hell. I heard about them from a different class of reliable people. So I believe in them too.

    There is absolute liberty, no compulsion. The Atheists can go their way. I can go my way.

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