Archbishop of Canterbury Visits Jerusalem

Archbishop of Canterbury: Israel the center of the world

In Jerusalem, the leader of 80 million Anglicans — who has a Jewish father — blesses Kerry’s peace efforts, highlights Christian imperative to ‘love our enemies’

The Times of Israel:
Israel is the center of the world “in so many ways,” the archbishop of Canterbury said Thursday in Jerusalem. He stressed Israel’s legitimacy and right to security, and also spoke, in the context of persecution of Christians by Islamists in the Middle East, about the Christian imperative to “love our enemies.”

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby prays at the Western wall on June 26, 2013 in Jerusalem’s old city, Israel.

It was his maiden visit to the region since being appointed to one of the highest positions in the Protestant Church.
The Most Reverend Justin Welby, who has a Jewish father, is the leader of the Church of England and of 80 million Anglicans worldwide. He was enthroned in Canterbury on March 21.

Asked by reporters why he made a visit to Israel a priority so early in his term, he responded, “This is the cradle of the three great world faiths. It’s the cradle of our own faith, of Christian faith. It’s where Jesus lived and walked and died and rose again. It is in so many ways the center of the world, in so many extraordinary ways. What possible reason could there be to delay?”


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