President Shimon Peres celebrates 90th birthday


The promised land must become a land of promise, President Shimon Peres said Tuesday night at his 90th birthday celebration

“I know you have come to Jerusalem from around the world to pay tribute to me, and with me; to do tikkun olam,” said President Shimon Peres at the ceremony marking his 90th birthday, in the presence of many esteemed guests. Peres added that he was honored to fight for the country and for peace for so long.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair opened the celebrations with warm words for Peres and said: “We have our queen, and you have your Shimon.”

Peres said that there was no room for any form of discrimination in Israel and he wished to see a Palestinian state.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also spoke at the ceremony and said: “Shimon you prove that it is possible to be curious at any age and young at any age.”

Ahead of The Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow 2013, Peres, Clinton, and the Netanyahus at the president’s 90th birthday celebration

“Shimon Peres has devoted his life to building Israel and building peace. A strong Israel creates the conditions for peace,” the prime minister added.



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