Spiritual But Not Religious

Huff Post: by Weston Pew.

In a country and world that is addicted to war, consumption, incarceration, inequality and the pillaging of Earth’s precious resources (which are on loan to us by future generations) it is simply not enough to speak every Sunday about loving thy neighbor. Sermons, lectures, and charity work can only go so far in tackling the great challenges of our time.

As the number of young Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) individuals continues to risein this country and around the world, religious institutions must face one very real and serious question: how to remain relevant in a world where fewer and fewer young people are walking through their doors?

As an SBNR from the millennial generation who believes that healthy religious institutions can have a productive role in society, I would like to offer my own advice on this question: Stop talking and do something. Our religious and political institutions have been polluted by words without action, which have resulted in liturgies and platforms that are hollow and meaningless. Young people are tired of words. What we believe in, what we run towards, what we revere is sacred activism: bold and courageous action rooted in love and justice for each other and the planet.


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