Switzerland: Somali girls with hijab permitted to come back to school

Two Somali girls are again allowed to attend school lessens after country-wide criticism- with their hijab. One teacher from the Primary School in Au-Heerbrugg had previously sent the girls home.

The two Somali girls may now re-attend the school with headscarves immediately. This was decided by the school board.

School Board President Walter Portmann confirmed a report in the TV News “10 to 10” of Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). The primary school Au-Heerbrugg no longer adheres to a recommendation of the Education Council, which were generally prohibit headgear.

“Legally not allowed»

According to Portmann of the School Board decided on Sunday to emphasize the recommendation of the Education Council of the school rules. The School Council is of the opinion that a headgear ban is not legally permissible, as long as the Supreme Court decides otherwise. A bearing the same case from the Thurgau Bürglen is still pending in federal court.

The two 11 and 12 year old girl from Somalia are recognized refugees and of the Muslim faith. They live with their parents and five siblings since a short time in Switzerland. They were sent home by their teacher from the regular classes they wore a headscarf.

The Swiss Supreme Court will now have to decide whether or not the wearing of a hijab will be permissible in school.

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  1. Let’s face it, with all its ‘drawbacks’ European countries are still a better place to live. Look at the situation of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates – it is a shame. Well, heaven is in the next world, Inshallah …

  2. Agree with you Mr. Tschannen. It is fascinating, they have learnt from Omar (RA), Governance, Justice, Education, Scholarship, Welfare, Treasury etc. and the Muslim States haven’t.

    I heard about a story of a Pakistani Writer in the 50s or 60s after his trip to Europe, “Did you see any Muslims there?” He answered, “I didn’t see any Muslims there but saw Islam there”.

    • One of the past Ahmadiyya Missionaries in Switzerland mentioned that it was not so easy to be a Missionary there, because (generally speaking) the Swiss are clean, do not lie (too much), do not (usually) bribe, are fairly just (except for the minaretes versus church towers), in fact have many of the qualities a Muslim should have. The only thing he could find that the general Muslim still has more than the average European are the sexual morals. …

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