President Thomas Jefferson — Was he a Monotheist?

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Jefferson memorial in Washington DC. Thomas Jefferson was the first US President to be accused of being a Muslim

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Source / Courtesy: Review of Religions and  First published in 2007.

A compelling argument that Thomas Jefferson negated belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ and affirmed the unity of God. Was he influenced by the Holy Qur’an?


Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) photographed with his wife Kim and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Ellison and Pelosi placed their hands on a copy of the Koran at the Library of Congress which belonged to Thomas Jefferson. Photo credit: Michaela McNichol, Library of Congress

The adulterated accounts of the Bible did not satisfy Jefferson. After extensive studies of different books, Jefferson concluded, in the words of Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke:

Christianity had traditionally rested not upon reason or experience but upon mystery and miracle. The Bible, moreover, portrayed a deity quite different from that revealed in nature, a deity that reason could neither explain nor defend. How rational could it possibly be for the God of the whole universe to reveal himself solely to one small nation in the eastern Mediterranean and to leave the rest of the world in utter ignorance of his existence? It seemed even more irrational to believe that the Supreme Being of the cosmos had ‘sent his only begotten son,’ who had not offended him, to be sacrificed by men, who had offended him that he might expiate their sins, and satisfy his own anger.

To read the article in April 2007 volume of Review of Religions, Review-of-religions-April-2007
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  1. Excellent Article! (ROR)./

    And Yes, he was a monotheist. Included Quranic Laws in the Constitution of the US. Also, enjoyed the benefits of Slavery, had illegitimate children.

    Have a question; Being an Ahmadi Muslim, why do we feel the need to believe that others believed in something we want to have faith in? Especially when we believe that we are God’s Jamaat and need recognition for our faith from no one. Also, why didn’t he or many others like him accepted Muhammad SAW as the last Prophet SAW? Of course we will say, God gives this capability.

    But then why do we love to try to have a connection with these mortal beings although Great people? Are we not contradicting the above two principles we believe in?

    You have my email address, please find me a logical answer to this. Would appreciate it.

  2. Dear Abdul

    Your faith may be well grounded, because of your personal experiences or other reasons that you have access to, but, every one is different.

    The fact that President Thomas Jefferson was a Deist or a Unitarian and did not believe in divinity of Jesus or Trinity, gives us a wonderful opening to successfully interact with two billion Christians.

    Additionally, because of his stature in USA politics, it gives the Muslims in USA, tools against Islamophobia as well.

    Journey of each individual towards the Truth is not all or none. People may stop at different places as they travel towards the Truth, based on their life experiences and circumstances.

    God will judge each one of us by the sum total of our beliefs and actions and only He knows the best and He is the ‘Master of the Day of Judgment.’


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