Pakistan: Nephew of flamboyant preacher Aamir Liaquat caught up in blasphemy row

Ahmadiyya Times: Source/Credit: Asian Human Rights’ Commission by Imran Jattala | April 19, 2013

A young Shia is charged with blasphemy — the judge and police demanded bribes for his release

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) says they have received information that a young man is facing trial on blasphemy charges because he did not pay a bribe to the police and a judge of the anti-terrorism court (ATC).

According to AHRC, the witnesses in the case did not identify the victim, Mr. Hamid Hussain, 25, as the main accused and “even the sketches made by the investigators did not resemble him.”

“However,” the Commission said, “being a person from the Shia Muslim sect the police implicated him in order to get huge amounts in bribes.”

According to AHRC statement, Hamid Hussain was tortured at the police station and in two different prisons for no other reason than being a member of the Shia sect.


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  1. It is possible that aamar Liaquat hussain belongs to the Shia sect. He may be using taqiyya i.e. telling lies, hiding his real faith according to Shia principle of Taqiyya.

    We do not want that aamar liaquat hussain should be killed or any Shia should be killed. No one should be killed just for his beliefs only.

    aamar liaquat hussain once was found to be using very abusive (dirty) words about misusing some ones mother, it was shown on the TV. He did not know that the matter was being aired.

    So what is Aamar Liaquat Hussain?/ It must be found out easily, from his classmates and his childhood friends, neighborhood (parents faith). The reality about the very famous TV evangelists should be well known.

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