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  1. Jazakomullah ahsanal jaza, Salma Malik Sahiba, for sharing such a beautiful and thoughtful poem of our great poet and loving human being and our sister Arshi Malik Sahiba. Allah bless her and protect her always, ameen. I miss my mother. Allah bless her soul.

  2. سلمہ جاوید صاحبہ
    السلام علیکم
    میں آپ کی بہت شکر گذار ہوں کہ آپ نے “مسلم ٹاءمز ” پر ناچیز کی نظمیں پوسٹ کیں۔
    میں ڈاکٹر رشید عظیم صاحب کی بھی ممنون ہوں کہ انہوں نے خاکسار کے بارے میں اچھی راءے کا اظہار کیا
    عرشی ملک

  3. In the3 Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    A very beautiful free style poem by Mr Arshy, the need of the hour, need the most publicity not only in Urdu language but also in multiple languages as under the influence of the western Culture youngsters are neglecting altogether their parents and forgetting Islamic and Quranic teaching in this regard.
    Zarif Ahmad

  4. Jazakallah to sister Arshi. Every time I read it, my heart just melts, I have made my children read it, they really appreciated it also. A friend of mine in Michigan has translated it in English & has been read at one of our events.

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