A religious Canada Strong and free

Source: National Post

This week, in the aptly named Maple, part of the sprawling suburbs in the northern Greater Toronto Area, the prime minister came to announce the establishment of the new Office of Religious Freedom (ORF), along with its first ambassador, Dr. Andrew Bennett.

Another story was evident in Maple too, a contrast between an old Canada passing away, and a new Canada emerging.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stands with Dr. Andrew Bennett (right) and National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Canada, Mr Lal Khan Sahib Malik after naming Bennett ambassador to the Office of Religious Freedom in Maple, Ontario


As to the ORF itself, promised in the 2011 federal election campaign, it was a day of pride. I was proud to be Canadian, to hear the prime minister speak clearly in the name of those who are daily harassed, assaulted, imprisoned and killed for their faith in God.



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  1. It was really a lovely event of Religious Freedom in Canada. It was well organized, disciplined and participated by most of the all religions. Tolerence, patient, peace and harmony is very important
    I also enjoyed it well and contacted with media and politicians.

    Editor Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada

    Hidayat Hadi
    M.A. LL.B. M.A.L.I.S.
    Osgoode Hall Law School, York University

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