Christianity vs. Islam

Source: TheLibertyWeb.

The main commonalities are that they both originated in the Middle East and also have common holy lands. They are both monotheistic religions, believing in just one personified God, and are religions that have just one supreme book of revelations in which their followers have recorded their absolute teachings (the Bible and the Qur’an). Further, Islam takes the position that God in the Bible and Allah are the same and also includes part of the Bible in its sacred book (Christianity does not acknowledge that its God is the same as Islam’s God).

In the world of myths and literature, the prototype of human relations, by which people compete as rivals, is that of “brothers”. As can be seen in the table on the left, both Christianity and Islam originally arose from Judaism, have much in common, and are very similar to each other. They look just like brothers, which is why they may compete and clash from time to time.

Editor’s note: Some of the differences and commonalities are not explained properly (especially regarding Islam) and hence seems wrong.


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  1. I think christianity and islam have not much in common. If you take the spiritual part (praying, fastening,Zakat)then I would say yes, but in islam outweighs the political aspect(sharia, subjugation of infidels, world domination, jihad).
    Also Jesus and Mohammed are so different. Jesus was a loving person who fought with words and never told to kill all the infidels. Mohammed according to the hadith was a warrior with taking as many captured women as possible (he had 12 wifes and more slaves) and sharing the booty to his soldiers. Thats not a model for mankind. It is impossible that it is the same god, otherwise god suffers from a split personality. Having an insight of both religions, im an exmuslim, also the approach to religion differs. In islam there is no questioning of the religion. There is just the quran and period. In christianity you always have to ask your conscience and ask yourself what would Jesus do. The relationship to god is much more pesonal. Jesus also questioned the practice of stoning the woman. Mohammed just did it. Until today. I read several times here of kafirs in comments. That expression is very insulting to me, because it gives me a stamp just of superficial attributes. There are no kafirs, just people who believe in different things. I have a question to people here that know about Ahmadiyya theology. How is it possible for you to split state and religion? Islam is always political with sharia for example?


  2. Sharia:
    – killing of apostates while conversion to islam is very easy (even on telephone)
    – extra tax on infidels and additional social discrimination and persecution to make them convert
    – stoning, cutting off arms, cruxification etc.
    – ban on christians marrying muslim women while the opposite is allowed
    – ban on critizing islam even if just citing islamic sources (blasphemy => penalty) while the opposite is allowed
    – depending on times and mood: die or convert
    – ban on prosetylizing while dawa is allowed
    – ban on constructing new churches or maintaining old ones

    Whats democratic in always favoring only islam and having draconian penaltys to control the people?

    The country that is closest to true islam which is Saudiarabia, has many of these sharia aspects. They totally contradict western judicial systems. I am not even allowed to have a bible and you are probably also seen as infidel. Was it not Mohammed who said that in the holy land of islam not a single church should ever exist? The Saudis are the best muslims in regard to maintaining the islamic orders and beeing close to islamic scriptures.
    I have another question because I could not find anything in the internet. Are the Ahmadiyya growing in terms of numbers and if so in which countries?

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