Change religion, politician tells Muslims

The Sydney Morning Herald: ALL Muslims should renounce their religion immediately in favour of Christianity or atheism – it would be better for them and for everyone else, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders said in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Insisting politely that he did not want to incite or offend anyone, the anti-Islam campaigner described the prophet Muhammad as ”a warlord, terrorist and paedophile” and urged Australia to ban the Koran and all migration from Muslim countries.

Told that Premier Ted Baillieu had advised Victorians to ignore him, Mr Wilders said the Premier could ignore the threat of Islam and ”sing Kumbaya” all day long, but the voters would wake up eventually.
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  1. Mr Wilders is unnecessarily accusing Islam due to some harsh verses which all include the word “Kafir”. Kafir is an open enemy of Islam and Muslims. Mr. Wilders cannot show any harsh verse from the Quran without the word “Kafir”.

    So what is his problem? His religion, Christianity, does not stand a chance in the face of nature and rationality. With all due respect, I ask Mr. Wilders to prove any of his theories from his religion about marriage and divorce, about one God and Three gods, about his god dying on the cross and his god praying in the garden of Gethsemane.
    His religion, present day Christianity, is an offshoot of Judaism. It is a rebellion against Judaism and rebellion against nature. Whatever Mr. Wilders is teaching is a rebellion against Christianity too, being against “Love thy neighbor” and “Love thy enemy”.

    Whatever Mr. Wilders is teaching (preaching) is definitely not love. It is undue fear of a peaceful religion (Islam) which can unite the whole world.

  2. Geert Wilders and the likes of him only instigate hatred. The best recourse is to ignore such people, you cannot argue with the illogical. May God forgive him for he knows not the path he is following. Time will show God’s revenge.

  3. @Ghulum Sarwar
    I personally find it funny that you as Ahmadiyya always talk of the peacefulness of islam when
    1. the hadith is full of violence (slavery, murder, rape)
    2. you fellow sunni muslims persecute you as infidels and kill you exactly because of the quran and hadith

    Hey, its not christians or buddists that persecute you. Yet you attack christianity and defend islam. Always the thing with trinity, if that is the only accusation you do not understand or agree with then be it. I also dont understand why Mohammed contradicts himself constantly in the quoran. This results in the principle of abrogation. Did God/Allah not know what is right and change his mind constantly or did Mohammed on the mountain change his personal opinion and add somethings to fit his personal interests? Why did God change his opinion with Jesus and Mohammed? God knows everything also the future and the past. So he should be able to give advices/rules for once and forever and not constantly change them. So much for the illogical things in religion. The values count and here all religions have more peaceful values than islam has. Maybe not the Ahmadiyya islam (you dont kill apostates right?) which is close to christianity but the “mainstream” islam.

  4. Mr. Wilder is even worser than a kafir he is no less than iblees. He should read the history of Islam and the Holy Quran and point a single ayat that is against humanity.

  5. Mr.Wilder please read UNO Charter that is actually derived from The Holly Quran.The message of True Islam is nothing but peace.Please look the Motto of Jamat-E-Ahmaddiya ( The Real Islam)”LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE”
    Mr.Wilder is just thinking like miss-guided extremists.

  6. My message to Mr.Wilder
    Now the time has come for Mr.Wilder should embrace Islam wholeheartedly and truely, join Islam and check himelf who is on the wrong ways. HE will forget his past and all traings he got against Islam under the leadership of Areal Sharon from 2003 and so on. He willl find forhimself peace and spritual peogress. There is no God but Allah and prophet Mohammad pbuh SWA is His messanger

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