Ahmadiyya Jalsa Salana Bangladesh Venue Attacked!

News source: http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=268131

Six Tents Torched at Ahmadiyya Event Venue

A group of religious bigots torched six tents of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat at Mouchak in Gazipur’s Kaliakoir upazila last evening. They set up the tents to accommodate the members and hold the functions, said Ahmad Tabshir Chowdhury, an executive committee member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

The Ahmadiyya Muslims were preparing for their three-day annual convention scheduled to start from tomorrow at Mouchak Scout Ground.

Since yesterday afternoon, hundreds of bigots started to gather at the scout ground gate, he said, adding that after Maghrib prayers they torched the tents and vandalised the furniture, microphone and other valuables.

The tents were burnt down before fire fighters reached the spot. Before burning the tents, the bigots also blocked Dhaka-Tangail highway.

Tabshir said they got permission to arrange programmes there. A section of religious zealots started to spread hate among the general Muslims against them from a gathering of Khatme Nabuyyat on February 3.

Yesterday afternoon, they announced to hold a rally just in front of our venue, he said. “We feared violence and sought help from law enforcers but got no help from them.”

He also claimed that the religious bigots brought men from different places by trucks to torch the venue, and they used gun powder. Khatme Nabuwat Movement men led the violence, he added.

Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sanjit Kumar Roy said they fired six bullets from shotgun to tackle the situation but no one was injured. He denied the allegation of not providing security to the scout ground.

Leaders of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat said they chose the scout ground, which was away from locality, so that problems with local religious bigots could be averted. For over a decade, Ahmadiyya Muslims have been facing abuse and aggression of religious bigots across the country. Many of their houses have been looted and some have even been killed.

Other Newspaper Report: Bigots set fire to Ahmadiyya convention venue @ http://www.newagebd.com/detail.php?date=2013-02-07&nid=39338#.URM3Ux1q-5I

An Update: Jalsa Salana, Bangladesh Venue Changed.

Due to changed situation our 89th Jalsa Salana and Centenary Celebration will be held at our National Headquarters Complex, 4, Bakshibazar Road, Dhaka on scheduled dates: 8th, 9th& 10th February, 2013, insha Allah.

Jalsa delegates from different Jama’ats of the world have started coming. By this time delegates from USA, Canada, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Egypt, UK, Ghana have arrived. Situation is under control and no risk at our own premises, inshaAllah. Moreover, security has been further tightened. We had a meeting with the top level of the government after the incident.

All are requested for prayers.

Ahmad Tabshir Choudhury | In-charge, Muslim Television Ahmadiyya Int’l (MTA) Bangladesh & National Secretary, Audio-Visual, In-Charge-Media Section, Public Relations Department | Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Bangladesh

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  1. I hope the Jalsa Salana goes smoothly without problems, inshallah, and may it be a success, Ameen!
    Ahmadiyyat Zindabaad!!
    And May Allah punish the attackers, Ameen.

  2. jamat.e.ahmdia ko proper human rights mlny chahya bcz islam mai deen p koi jabar ni h or govrment ko is silsaly mai ap step lna ho ga insaf milna chahya yh mri appeal h bcz i m an ahmdi nd i m proud to b an ahmdi ahmdiat zindabad

  3. Bangladesh politics is the dirtiest in the world all the fanatics should be hanged to death . They are thd cancer of this nation. May Allah help the Ahmadis .ameen

  4. I strongly condemn these attacks on Jamaat Jalsa and urge the Bangladesh Government to take actions against these religious bigots who attacked the Jalsa premises. I am sure all the necessary precautions and security arrangements were made by Jamaat before this Jalsa, However at the same time holding Jamaat jalsa and other congregations in open places especially in so called Muslim countries may give these people more opportunity for such attacks.

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