West Nusa Tenggara Ahmadis in limbo for seven years

The Jakarta Post

The Ahmadiyah Indonesia Congregation (JAI) is calling on the government to restore the rights of its members, who have been living in a shelter for the past seven years, following their eviction by the majority Sunni community in Ketapang, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Seven years ago, a mob claiming to be members of the Sunni majority attacked and burned houses belonging to the Ahmadis in Ketapang. The Ahmadis were accused of blasphemy and forced to live in rows of purpose-built shacks measuring 2 by 3 meters.

Members of the Ahmadiyah community suffered further after the government bowed to an Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) edict, which declared Ahmadiyah a deviant sect, and issued a joint ministerial decree in 2008 banning followers of the sect from publicly performing their faith.

Today, around 120 displaced people are still living in dire conditions, barely able to meet their basic needs.

They are effectively banned from registering for identity cards or birth certificates for their children, which further limits their access to education, health care and other public services.



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  1. This is unbelievable! Indonesia is economically booming and on track to become the world’s fourth largest economy. And on the other hand in this case they behave as if they are moving backwards instead of forwards!

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