Self-developed nuclear reactor ready for export by China

The construction site of Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant in Zhejiang province, which uses the AP1000 reactor by Westinghouse Electric Co. [Photo/Xinhua]

Source: China Daily

China’s self-developed nuclear reactor, known as the CAP1400, will be ready for export this year, an executive from State Nuclear Power Technology Corp said on Friday.

The design of CAP1400 is based on the AP1000 reactor made by Westinghouse Electric Co. The AP1000 is known for its third-generation nuclear technology, with higher unit efficiency than older models and an optimized layout.

China owns the intellectual property rights for the CAP1400, making it possible to export the reactor.

“The technology is under evaluation by the National Energy Bureau, and a demonstration project can be built by the end of 2013 at the earliest,” said Gu Jun, president of State Nuclear Power, during a press conference in Beijing on Friday.

“Exploration of the global market for the CAP1400 will start in 2013,” Gu added.

Ma Lu, vice-president of State Nuclear Power, said conditions would be mature for the technology to be exported once it gets the green light from authorities.

As market exploration will be done in cooperation with Westinghouse, the company can take the lead in the effort as it has established its advantage in the industrial chain. “But in some markets, such as South Africa, we hope that State Nuclear Power can take the initiative and promote the CAP1400,” Ma said.

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