Jesus in India!: After thousands of years of exile, Indian jews return to the promised land-No place for Palestinians?

Express Tribune: TEL AVIV: Fifty members of an Indian community believed to be descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel arrived on Monday in the Jewish state, completing their immigration.

Linking up with family members who have already settled in Israel, they are among the first wave of the 7,200-strong Bnei Menashe community’s mass immigration to the Jewish state.

The Indians say they are the descendants of the 10 tribes who lived in the kingdom of Israel in Biblical times and who were dispersed, according to the Bible, after the invasion of the Assyrians in 721 BC.

“After thousands of years of exile, we have returned home at last,” said Nachshon Gangte, 47, waiting for an older sister he has not seen for 12 years.

After hours of patiently waiting in the arrival hall of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, he could no longer hold back his tears when she appeared. “It’s great, God is great. He has allowed me to meet my family on holy land,” he said.


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  1. Of course, no place for Palestinians. The Israelis are desparately looking for immigrants, be they Ethiopians, Russians or now Indians in order to make their economy (and defence) work without Palestinians …

  2. But, this proves the Ahmadiyya Jama’at’s view point, doesn’t it? That some of the Lost Tribes ended up on the Indian Sub-continent.

    And that’s where Jesus (as), headed while trying to finish his mission of gathering the lost tribes of Israel…..

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