Ahmadi Muslims are not Qualified to Teach Islam in Schools in Germany: Muslim Ulema from UK and Germany

Source Jang – Urdu- Tweet by Nasr Ahmad: News item in Urdu which states that due to conflicts among different schools of thoughts the German State of Hassen finally decided to allow two organizations to move ahead with helping to teach Islam in primary schools. One of them is representative of Turkish origin and the second is Ahmadiyya Muslims. Muslim Ulema have protested against this saying Ahmadies cannot teach Islam because they are not qualified- as they are not Muslims.

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  1. What is the matter with these so-called ‘ulema’?

    On one hand they can’t decide what is true Islam (hence the numerous sects) from all the ones they supposedly represent, but are very strangely but prophetically ‘united’ against Ahmadiyyat.

    No wonder that the German authorities have decided on the two least warring one as the best ones to teach the Peaceful religion of Islam!

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